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      Winner in the Drug Abuse Awareness category is Ian Baker, a fifth-grader at Springfield Elementary in South Sarpy School District 46. Winner of the Alcohol Abuse Awareness category is Noah Baker, a fourth-grader at the same school. The brothers ...
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  2. About University of Nebraska

    University of Nebraska

    The University of Nebraska is one of two public university systems in the state of Nebraska, USA. The system has four universities and a technical college:

    * University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    * University of Nebraska at Omaha
    * University of Nebraska at Kearney
    * University of Nebraska Medical Center (located in Omaha)
    * Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (located in Curtis)

    Two of its campuses, at Lincoln and Omaha, are also part of a partnership which established the Peter Kiewit Institute.

  3. Quotes about University of Nebraska

    1. The occupation tax was particularly important because it certainly demonstrates to Fonner Park, the State Fair Board, to the legislature, and the University of Nebraska that the city is behind this.
      Margaret Hornady in GI Raises Taxes But No Deal on State Fair Buildings
    2. I remain optimistic about the future of the University of Nebraska.
      In Milliken: NU budget won't depend on tuition hikes
    3. A recent study by a University of Nebraska professor indicates that the economic impact of racing at Fonner Park is $11 million a year.
      Hugh Miner Jr. in Fonner official: Nebraska horse racing ‘in jeopardy’