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    Scott Lautenbaugh

    Scott Lautenbaugh (born November 11, 1964 in Sioux City, Iowa) is a Nebraska state senator from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, in the Nebraska Legislature.


    1. Apparently anytime the minority loses a vote, they got rolled in some way.
      In Partisan accusations fly after redistricting plan proposed - Kvno ...
    2. It (a sales tax increase) will not happen.
      In City Council Says No to Suttle Tax Plan
    3. People will dial direct to the candidates and not fund these independent-expenditure groups.
      In Neb. lawmakers vote to keep campaign-finance law
    4. If this starts to be abused, I'll lead the charge to fix it myself.
      In Neb. Legislature: Lawmakers Advance Smoking-Ban Exemption
    5. I support the bill that would adopt lethal injection as our method of execution.
      In Death Penalty Bill Stalled
    6. If there were specific issues that others wanted to address they were free to introduce bills or at this point to put it in the amendment so we know what the specific problem is.
      In Neb. Lethal Injection Bill Stalls
    7. I never understood why we would be unique in the nation in imposing strict liability upon our cities this way.
      In Atty: Repealing police chase law would be immoral - Ap-state-ne ...