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    Russ Karpisek

    Russ Karpisek (born July 20 1966 in Friend, Nebraska) is a Nebraska state senator from Wilber, Nebraska, United States, in the Nebraska Legislature. He is also the owner of a meat market in his hometown.


    1. We did start a fund last year, but a lot of that money of course has gone to Lincoln and Omaha.
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    2. I would rather see the state regulate it than have it open and get nothing off of it.
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    3. I wouldn't quit midterm, and I do want to run again.
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    4. I think that's compensation enough.
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    5. This isn't a got ya, or check for deportation. It's a way to save money on benefits for illegal persons.
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    6. Really, I don't know why it hasn't come up sooner.
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    7. I'm not here advocating for smoking, but for personal rights.
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    8. Please, think about our children when you think about this one. It's another gateway drug. I think that it will entice people to use the drug and see what it's like. Scary thought to me.
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    9. I think this would be a very controlled way to get some of that money that is leaving the state.
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    10. It's a very straightforward way to get some of our money back that is now going to other states.
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