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    2. Schools prepped for funding drop-off

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      ...eased in the Gretna Public Schools, too. Superintendent Kevin Riley said he doesn't anticipate an increase in Gretna's general fund levy, but the bond fund levy will go up. The district won't know how much until it sells...
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    3. Chalkboard: School news wrap-up

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      Winner in the Drug Abuse Awareness category is Ian Baker, a fifth-grader at Springfield Elementary in South Sarpy School District 46. Winner of the Alcohol Abuse Awareness category is Noah Baker, a fourth-grader at the same school. The brothers ...
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  2. About Gretna

    Gretna is a city in Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States. The population was 2,355 at the 2000 census; the population was estimated to be 5,970 in 2006. Gretna has the fastest rate of growth of any Nebraska city since 2000.