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      ...tty much flat funding, but your expenditures are growing, so everybody's going to feel the squeeze,” he said. Elkhorn Superintendent Steve Baker said the tight economic times mean larger class sizes. The district has bee...
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      ...conditions such as inclement weather or driving under the influence. CHESS TOURNEY: St. Patrick School in the Elkhorn area recently held a chess tournament that drew 183 students representing 41 Nebraska schools. Team tr...
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  2. About Elkhorn

    Elkhorn was a city in Douglas County, Nebraska, United States and is a present-day neighborhood on the western edge of Omaha. The population was 6,062 at the 2000 census and was estimated by the Census Bureau at 8,192 in 2005. The area was named after the Elkhorn River, which in turn was named after Chief Ta-ha-zouka, or Elk's Horn, of the Omaha tribe.

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    1. We've got to work and make good on honoring the promises that were made to Elkhorn.
      Jean Stothert in District 5 Council: Candidates vow to reach out to Elkhorn area
    2. We will try to do our best at the Lower Elkhorn not to be fully appropriated.
      In Irrigation ban lifted, but limits will apply