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    Dave Heineman

    David Eugene "Dave" Heineman (born May 12, 1948, in Falls City, Nebraska) is an American Republican politician who currently serves as the Governor of Nebraska. On December 13, 2007 he endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


    1. Half of Sarpy County, the Western half will have to go the Douglas County area to be part of the 2nd congressional district. The Bellevue area is going to join the First District.
      In Western Nebraska Redistricting Lines Could Grow Larger
    2. Economic success and education success are linked together.
      In Big Ten universities feel effects of downturned economy through budget cuts, tuition increases
    3. I'd like to talk to them to see what they really mean by all that.
      In Teachers ready to rap knuckles
    4. Nebraska has remained in much better economic shape than most states, in part to our continued efforts in trade and jobs creation.
      In Heineman announces plans for reverse trade mission
    5. I've made it very, very clear that the stars are aligned.
      In Anti-union mood moves to Nebraska's modest unions
    6. Dave understands that Nebraska needs to balance the budget without raising taxes.
      In Hoskins man appointed to Unicameral
    7. There are 253 different financial challenges out there.
      In Nebraska to get more education dollars
    8. Nebraska is on the move in wind energy development. I fully expect Nebraska to be a top 10 wind energy producing state within the next 10 years. The Laredo Ridge Wind Facility is a significant expansion of Nebraska's wind power capacity. I want to thank Edison Mission Group, Midwest Wind Energy and NPPD for helping expand our stake in renewable energy.
      In Nebraska Celebrates Groundbreaking for Wind Farm
    9. As a result of the downturn in revenue and in order to avert as many layoffs as possible, it is prudent for the state to take additional action now.
      In Nebraska governor orders furloughs to save $3.5M
    10. It's important for us to acknowledge the dedication of our farmers and ranchers, and offer our appreciation for their efforts.
      In Governor celebrates Agriculture Week with Nielsen farm visit
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    1. During the campaign for treasurer I said I believed Governor Dave Heineman was the strongest candidate for Senate and that I would support him.
      In Treasurer says he's cutting budget
    2. We will still balance the budget again this year and we're not having economic crisis's like other states. I'm proud of our management team that starts with the Governor (Dave Heineman) and the rest of us in the state house team.
      In Bruning says state’s economy could be worse