1. Conservation Reserve Program

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  2. About Conservation Reserve Program

    The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) was authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985 and nationwide enrollment was capped at 45000000|acre|sqkm. CRP offers annual payments for 10-15 year contracts to participants who establish grass, shrub and tree cover on environmentally sensitive lands. It was reauthorized in the 1996 Farm Bill and the 2002 Farm Bill and the nationwide cap is now 39200000|acre|sqkm. Currently, 34500000|acre|sqkm are enrolled.

    The goals of the CRP are five-fold:

    • reduce soil erosion on highly erodible land

    • protect ground and surface water by reducing runoff and sedimentation

    • increase benefits for wildlife

    • protect the nation’s long-term capacity to provide food and fiber and

    • provide income support to producers by curbing the production of surplus commodities

    To date, CRP has arguably been the most successful conservation program in the U. S. in terms of improving water quality, soil quality and building wildlife populations.

    Enrollments in 2007 have been down 21 percent compared with 2006. This drop can primarily be attributed to competition with rising cash rental rates on existing cropland. The growing biofuels industry has caused commodity prices to surge and cash rental rates have increased substantially. Rental rates on CRP have failed to keep pace and in many cases are only half of the going rates on nearby cropland.

    Congress is currently considering reauthorizing CRP in the 2007 U.S. Farm Bill.

  3. Quotes about Conservation Reserve Program

    1. The secretary is weighing all possible options in dealing with the rise in feed prices, and among these options is a careful review of the Conservation Reserve Program.
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    2. I am concerned about allowing acres in the Conservation Reserve Program to be released without penalty.
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