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    2. Schools prepped for funding drop-off

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      ...l officials aim to reduce or maintain property tax rates next year in the Omaha, Millard, Papillion-La Vista, Bellevue, Westside, South Sarpy, Douglas County West, Ralston and Lincoln districts. Three growing Omaha-area ...
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    1. A lot of those best practices, quite frankly, you'll find right here in Bellevue.
      In Legislature weighing options for military education compact
    2. If Omaha police go on a chase and catch the criminal, it's not just Omaha that benefits. I would say people in Bellevue, Sarpy County, and in many ways everybody in the state benefits from not having that criminal on the street.
      Tom Mumgaard in Atty: Repealing police chase law would be immoral - Ap-state-ne ...
    3. Half of Sarpy County, the Western half will have to go the Douglas County area to be part of the 2nd congressional district. The Bellevue area is going to join the First District.
      Dave Heineman in Western Nebraska Redistricting Lines Could Grow Larger