1. Tax Issue Remains At Session Close

    SIDNEY The 101st Nebraska Unicameral Legislative session has come to a close, and with it ended yet another session-long battle by Sidney officials seeking relief from what they see as a flawed economic development program.
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    1. We've come light-years into educating state policy makers.
    2. We want to thank you for the Nebraska Advantage Act and LB775 and your work enacting those.
    3. Successful economic development projects do enhance the local economies in which they reside, but the process by which the companies are receiving the incentive is flawed and ... it has created quite a hardship for some of our local municipalities.
    4. LB775, for example, you file an application.
    5. What we made for sales tax revenue during that year, because that fluctuates with the economy too, that's what we use as a basis for our planning for the next year.
    6. The state has a counterproductive philosophy on how to treat progressive communities.
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