1. Pedersen pulls support for slavery resolution

    Sen. Dwite Pedersen of Elkhorn took a point of personal privilege Tuesday afternoon to tell senators he would withdraw a r... (32 comments)
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    1. Again...Nebraska did not achieve statehood until 1867. The Nebraska territorial (not state) legislature outlawed slavery in 1861...6 years before Nebraska achieved statehood. The state of Nebraska never allowed slavery. I also believe it is ridiculous to claim that African-Americans, today, still bear the scars of slavery. It has been over 130 years...it MAY just be time to move on. While I do believe that racism continues to exist, and more can be done to combat it, an empty apology does absolutely nothing to cure the problems of today. The people least willing to move past slavery, such as Ernie Chambers, Leola Bullocks, and Lela Shanks, seem to be doing quite well for themselves. Why don't they try concerning themselves less with the African-Americans who suffered over a century ago, and concern themselves more with the ones who are suffering now?
    2. The resolution also encouraged parents to teach their children about slavery so we learn from our mistakes and don't marginalize a segment of the population in the future. Hispanic immigrants, for example. That's indeed moving on.
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