1. UNK cutting more jobs

    KEARNEY - Eight full-time positions may be cut at the University of Nebraska at Kearney to make up for the state's budget shortfall. Chancellor Doug Kristensen announced proposed budget cuts in a campus wide e-mail sent to faculty and staff Tuesday ...
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    1. Most of these cuts are really eliminating a lot of our flexibility.
    2. Now the process moves to the campus.
    3. There will always be a process. We've got current obligations that we have to meet. There's not going to be an immediate, in September, ending of someone who is in a filled position.
    4. We've got the teaching end of it covered and that's the reason it was important to have saved money so we can use the saved money for the budget shortfall and not have to make immediate reductions.
    5. While any cuts of this kind are painful for those who may be immediately affected, my colleagues and I believe that we can implement cuts of this kind and size without fundamentally compromising our mission or core institutional values and capabilities.
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