1. City Says State Aid Formula Flawed

    Person told The Sidney Sun-Telegraph on Friday that Nebraska does not treat first-class cities across the state fairly when it comes to municipal aid. ...
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    1. The formula rewards those communities who have kept their city property taxes high and have been less aggressive at growing their communities, while it penalizes those communities that are progressive and have used local sales tax to offset property tax.
    2. You can see what has happened to us the past 12 years when today we only get $69,314 this year while Hastings gets $1.1 million.
    3. The biggest difference is that Sidney is growing its population and Alliance is leading the way for Panhandle communities in losing population.
    4. The Legislature needs a reality check.
    5. Between the municipal state aid formula and the sales tax refund issue Sidney is now penalized $1 million a year by the state of Nebraska in comparison to 1995 - without adjusting any numbers for inflation.
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