1. NE Congressman Hopes Federal Aid Can Help Fund Massive Sewer Project

    But Terry was hopeful for a Senate amendment that would have created a $15 billion sewer fund. That amendment failed. "We're still hopeful that we can get ...
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    1. The focus was infrastructure to create jobs and to retain jobs within an industry.
    2. We're still hopeful that we can get some of it.
    3. I think most people will agree that the CSO program is the single largest infrastructure project that has ever taken place in Omaha or perhaps the state of Nebraska.
    4. Certainly we appreciate any assistance we can get from the federal government on this mandate.
    5. Maybe a city the size of Omaha that would have been $200 million.
    6. We're getting short on shall we say drinkable water on this planet as a whole.
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