1. First Two African-American Women Voted Into Unicameral

    Video Gallery 3: 02 Julie Hong KPTM (Omaha) - Barack Obama isn't the only one rewriting history. For the first time in Nebraska's state legislative history, two African American women are elected to the Unicameral. The first and only African American man to serve on the Unicameral, of course, we are all very familiar with Sen. Ernie Chambers. One other African American woman did ser
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    1. One thing they won't see change is the commitment in serving them.
    2. North Omaha has an embarrassing position of having the highest poverty rate among African American children in the nation. We just rid ourselves of that poverty and we need to enact any measures that are required.
    3. They're going to bring that perspective to the floor in debate so when they talk to their colleagues. That perspective can potentially feed through the legislature you know where these perspectives are shared by others and possibly form the opinions and votes of other legislators.
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